What are the similarities between a MOM & a Clutch?

The other day while Ruffling through my Purse vigorously to find that hair pin to tie my hair who have been disturbing me while i concentrate on my work, i realised how my life would be without this regular yet  extremely useful thing. I waved off that thought that time being friday & if wanted […]

What Kind of Shaped Jewelry Goes With Which Face Shape?

There is no denying the fact that we all have different face shapes. And so, jewelry of every shape and size doesn’t go well with everyone! A well-dressed woman imagines the facial contours of her and keeps adding nuances that would enhance her looks. To look at your best, it is essential that you read […]

Wear Your Armlet With Elegance And Beauty

Jewelry is meant to be the amplifier of the beauty of a women’s and it adds the element of elegance to the personality of women. The glimpse of a smile on the face of a young lady wearing arm jewelry is very eye-catching as well as worthy of appreciation when the jewelry is sparkling and […]

Kundan Jewellery – Things to Keep in Mind While Buying

We all are well aware of the rich and colourful culture of Rajasthan and we all get impressed by the aura and the zeal of Rajasthani royalties. The attire, monuments, food and Kundan jewellery are few of those things which are the trade mark of Rajasthani culture, not only in India but across the globe […]

5 Types Of Rings Every Woman Must Have

Never ever underestimate the power of accessories in transforming your looks. Your simple outfit can look gorgeous just with the right set of accessories. Stones, chain, glass beads, rings, earrings, necklaces – they can just provide you the right amount of zing and can accentuate your look on the go. And same is the case […]

American Diamond Earrings – Five Reasons To Buy!

Jewelry of any kind has been into existence since early human civilization. With evolution in our lifestyles, the designs, as well as the materials of jewelry, kept on changing. Now – a – days, we often see jewelry made up of gold, silver, platinum and most popular of all diamonds. Undoubtedly, jewelry, be it in […]

Tips On Choosing Perfect Ladies Clutches Online in India

Pairing the right set of accessories with your outfit is of extreme importance, everything should be balanced properly in order to look good, be it makeup, attire, footwear, neck pieces or clutch bags. Out of all, the clutch you carry with you depicts your choice and aura, this clearly means it should be the one […]

Different Types of Jhumkas That Every Girl Should Have

Even after so much influence of western wears, ethnic clothing is an inseparable part of celebrations, festivals or pompous occasions, in India. Women love to accessorize their outfit with different pieces of jewelry. Of course accessorizing makes them look more elegant and stylish at the same time. Jhumka earrings are one of the timeless ornaments, […]